Driving Digital Transformation: Voith Launches E-Learning Platform DRIVE

• Upskilling platform designed to improve digital readiness

• Industry-specific and customizable content

• Courses for every stage of a company’s digital transformation

• Argumentative support to secure investments in digitalization

Short for “Digital Readiness Ideation Velocity Engagement”, DRIVE is designed to future-proof manufacturing companies and to support them in harnessing the potential of digitalization to its fullest. Its programmes are comprised of a wide range of web-based courses whose industry-specific and customizable contents offer a valuable tool set for upskilling employees at every stage of a company’s digital transformation.

The implementation of state-of-the-art digital technologies not only requires new solutions and processes, but also additional knowledge and skills. DRIVE users gain access to a variety of structured learnings designed to improve the digital prowess of individuals and teams or to increase competencies throughout an entire company, regardless of its size.

Step-by-step digital upskilling

Depending on where users stand in their digital transformation, DRIVE helps to create an initial awareness for the steps necessary to foster a culture of true innovation or provides deeper insights into dozens of different subjects, such as the Industrial Internet of Things, automation or artificial intelligence. More advanced programmes within DRIVE are geared towards improving digital dexterity, i.e. the ability to make full use of the potential of digital solutions. For this, more than 600 valuable digital skills can be acquired to help manufacturing companies to meet both current and future challenges.

Argumentative support to secure investments

Technology investments are a costly affair. By educating its users and inspiring employees to utilize digital technologies, DRIVE allows for a significantly improved adoption rate for new solutions, ensuring a faster return on investment. In this way, Voith’s platform delivers convincing arguments to those in charge of the budgets required for the acquisition of digital technologies.

Customizable and interactive content for user-specific experience

DRIVE users can easily create their own training videos for internal distribution, thus generating customized content for their specific requirements. Message boards allow for an exchange on all things digital, enabling users to discuss opportunities and challenges in implementing digital technologies. Initial assistance is provided by chatbots while various games offer a playful way to showcase the impact of digitalization on the organization and its customers.

Anytime, anywhere

Available in English, German, Portuguese and Chinese, DRIVE can be used on virtually all devices, including smartphones, tablets, PCs and augmented reality glasses for use in the field, thus proving a valuable resource to its users – anytime, anywhere.