Valmet Takes its Services to the Next Level for the Best Customer Experience

Valmet streamlines its services to customers globally by introducing ‘Valmet’s way to serve’ concept. The aim is to provide the best customer experience in all the touch points of the customer journey. Valmet’s services are based on comprehensive services offering, lifecycle collaboration and core commitments.

“Over the years we have been constantly developing our services to improve the reliability and performance of our customers’ production processes. Valmet’s unique combination of process technology, services and automation and over 200 years of industrial experience form a strong basis to help our customers to reach the wanted maintenance and operational results of their production process,” said Aki Niemi, Business Line President, Services Business Line, Valmet.

Right combination of services for every stage in the lifecycle

Valmet’s services offering is designed to match customer’s specific need, whether it’s reduced energy and raw material costs, reduced process variability, optimized quality and production or enhanced environmental performance.

The services offering ranges from spare and process parts, workshop and roll services, and fabrics all the way to field services, maintenance development and outsourcing as well as process upgrades. The services are complemented with Industrial Internet solutions on-site and remotely. Depending on the need, the service solution can be provided as a one-time delivery or as a longer-term partnership through service agreements.

The key driver in Valmet’s way to serve is the lifecycle collaboration between the customer and Valmet.

“When planning the investment, together with the customer, we can set the foundation for optimized operational results for the production process to come. Services can help to accelerate the start-up curve when ramping up the production. By working together in maintenance and operations, we can ensure maximized reliability and optimized performance of the production process,” Niemi said.

Valmet’s four core commitments to customers:

‘Safety comes first’

‘Close to you’

‘Solutions to your needs’

‘People you can trust’

Safety comes first in all operations

Valmet’s four core commitments to customers are: ‘Safety comes first’, ‘Close to you’, ‘Solutions to your needs’ and ‘People you can trust’.

“Safety is put before anything else in our daily operations. We support customers in reaching their safety targets. Our professionals work close to customers, through a network of over 100 service centres. Our experts are also available remotely with the help of Industrial Internet and remote technologies. We work closely with our customers to find exactly the right solution to their needs. We know that trust has to be earned, and we work hard to reach that goal every day,” concluded Niemi.

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