ANDRITZ Supplies Third OCC Line to Nine Dragons, China

ANDRITZ has received a repeat order – now the third order within the past 12 months – from Nine Dragons Paper Industries to supply a complete OCC line to China. The highly energy-saving stock preparation system will have a design capacity of 2,000 bdmt/d and will process 100% LOCC (Local Old Corrugated Container) for the production of high-quality packaging paper.

The ANDRITZ equipment will enable highest production performance and conservation of resources. These ambitious goals will be achieved with a well-developed line setup, a highly efficient drum pulping system and a range of Prime stock preparation products.

An ANDRITZ FibreFlow drum pulping system will ensure premium accept quality, gentle slushing, and efficient removal of contaminants at minimum fiber loss. Energy-saving and maintenance friendly PrimeScreen F screens and PrimeFilter D disc filters, as well as an ultra-high dispersing system that enables at a consistency of up to 40%, will achieve substantial savings in steam consumption and superior fiber strength development. With the delivery of this FibreFlow drum pulper, ANDRITZ will have supplied more than 30 drum pulpers to Nine Dragons.

About Nine Dragons Paper
Nine Dragons Paper is part of the Nine Dragons Paper Group, an important global player in the pulp and paper industry with mills in China, Vietnam, Malaysia and the United States. The group primarily produces linerboard, high-performance corrugating medium, coated duplex board, and printing and writing paper.