APRIL Wins at the Singapore Business Review National Business Awards in the Manufacturing Category

  • APRIL has been awarded for its initiatives in waste paper recycling under its “Paper Once More!” Circular Economy campaign.
  • To date, over 156.4 million sheets of paper have been collected and recycled under the campaign.

Leading sustainable fibre, pulp and paper producer Asia Pacific Resources International Limited (APRIL) announced that it has won in the Manufacturing category of the seventh edition of the Singapore Business Review (SBR) National Business Awards. APRIL joins over 50 Singapore and international companies awarded under the SBR National and International Business Awards for their outstanding initiatives that greatly contribute to Singapore’s fast-growing economy. APRIL is a member of the Singapore-headquartered RGE group of companies founded by Sukanto Tanoto.

APRIL has been awarded for its initiatives in waste paper recycling under its “Paper Once More!” Circular Economy campaign. PaperOne, the flagship paper brand of APRIL Group, launched this campaign in March 2020 at the Indonesia Pavilion at Expo 2020 in Dubai. Under the campaign, it would collaborate with document destruction, disposal and recycling partners in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and the United Arab Emirates to support the collection of paper waste for recycling. In Singapore, it has partnered with a local recycling company to produce a series of dedicated PaperOne branded collection points across Singapore.

This collaboration has resulted in the recycling of approximately 20,000 tons of paper waste in the campaign’s first full year of operation, with scope for further expansion. To date, over 156.4 million sheets of paper have been collected and recycled under the campaign.

Following the success of the campaign, PaperOne has also made a 1:1 commitment to recycling, in which it recycles one tonne of wastepaper for every tonne purchased by customers in Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia through official branded online channels.

Bey Soo Khiang, Chairman, APRIL Group, said, “We are extremely heartened and honoured to receive this award from Singapore Business Review and we see it as an endorsement of our efforts in developing sustainable solutions in our business. Being involved in the production of sustainable and renewable products and positioned right at the heart of the bioeconomy, implementing sustainable practices is integral to our business and its long-term viability. Our “Paper Once More!” campaign strives to achieve circularity and as a leading provider of professional quality paper in over 70 countries, this is synergistic with our business goals and also strongly aligned with our APRIL2030 sustainability commitments which crystallise our aspirations in building a low-carbon future.”

APRIL launched APRIL2030 in 2020 as a blueprint on sustainability, centred around the pillars of Climate PositiveThriving LandscapesInclusive Progress and Sustainable Growth, with clear and measurable targets set across the pillars. In relation to the “Paper Once More!” campaign, various commitments have been made towards combating climate change, while expanding its business through circular strategies and responsible production. Other initiatives and targets set include reaching net zero emission from land use, reduction of carbon production intensity by up to 25 percent, achieving renewable energy usage in 90 percent of its mills, and the completion of one of Indonesia’s largest solar panels installations by the private sector.

APRIL2030 is part of Sustainability Vision 2030 under RGE, its parent group, which seeks to formalise the efforts by all its business groups to create a positive impact in the environment and communities in which they operate.

APRIL Group is a leading producer of fibre, pulp and paper with plantations and manufacturing operations in Riau Province, Indonesia. It is committed to sustainability in its business and in the broader landscapes where it operates. Under APRIL’s production-protection model, it adopted a unique 1- for-1 goal where it aims to conserve one hectare of forest for every hectare of plantation, and currently conserve and restore approximately 364,996 hectares of forests, including the largest peatland restoration project in Indonesia.

For more information, visit www.aprilasia.com and follow Twitter @aprilpulp