PulPac Continues to Expand Dry Molded Fibre Patent Portfolio

With two new patent applications filed recently, PulPac continues to expand the Dry Molded Fibre patent portfolio. The new patent applications are directed to ejection elements in connection to the forming mold. The main purpose of the ejection elements is to release the product from mold parts for an easy removal of the products. The ejection elements can also be used for imprinting a pattern in the product, to be read or scanned for information purposes.

Dry Molded Fibre is invented, patented and licensed to packaging manufacturers by PulPac. The game-changing technology is up to ten times faster than traditional fibre forming methods and offers highly competitive unit economics. In addition, being a dry process, it saves significant amounts of valuable water and energy, resulting in up to 80% lower CO2 emissions compared to alternatives

To date, PulPac holds 28 patent families with 85 granted national patents and plus 50 pending patent applications. New patent applications are filed continuously. In addition, PulPac has a substantive body of know-how and trade secrets that are shared only within the Dry Molded Fibre network. Based on the core IP, PulPac has developed a complete technology platform covering multiple areas of fibre application manufacturing. All driven by the need of disruptive technical solutions that enable a sustainable packaging industry.

Innovations are detected and harvested every week, which gives us the possibility to rapidly expand our patent portfolio with good quality. We also see an increased interest from our partners to contribute to the patent and technology pool. All things considered; this is beneficial for everyone that wants to join us in our mission to replace single-use plastic as soon as possible.

Peter Ekwall, CIPO
Peter Ekwall, CIPO