Valmet Launches Dryer Section Performance Agreement for Tissue Machines

As part of services offering for tissue producers, Valmet has developed a service agreement to improve the performance and safety of the Yankee cylinder, hood and air system. 

The dryer section consumes roughly 70% of all the energy used in the tissue-making process, and it is the major CO2 producer in the process. A timely and correct maintenance plan as well as control of process parameters is essential for safety, end product quality and energy efficiency.

By keeping the process at an optimal level, the risk of unplanned shutdowns due to Yankee failure is reduced by 99%, production efficiency increased by 1–2%, drying energy consumption and related CO2 emissions reduced by 3–10%

Raffaele Malutta, Agreement Manager, Tissue Service at Valmet

The new agreement offers a systematic approach to improve the performance of the dryer section – its safety, reliability, availability, and energy consumption. An optimal length for the agreement is five years. Every agreement starts with a complete condition check and energy study. The rest can be tailored to the customer’s needs by adding the right combination of services, such as Valmet Industrial Internet solutions, remote support through Valmet Performance Center, improvement plans and maintenance guidance.

Valmet’s typical service agreements range from corporate-level frame agreements to mill-level partnership agreements. Valmet’s services offering forms the building blocks for customized agreements.