The 18th International Pulp Paper Industry Expo-China Set to Take Place in Guangzhou

One of the largest and most influential paper events in China, the 18th International Pulp & Paper Industry Expo-China is set to take place from 30 May to 1 June 2023 at the Poly World Trade Expo Centre in Guangzhou.

Since 2004,after the development and innovation of 17 years,Paper Expo China has covered comprehensive fields, including machinery of pulp, papermaking chemicals, culture paper, packing paper, printing paper, industrial paper and special paper, etc. There are 1,500 exhibitors from 10 countries, and 150,000 professional buyers come from 40 countries, in which high-end buyers accounted for 15% from South East Asia, Mid- East, Europe and the United States. It has become the one of the best foreign trade platforms in similar event.

The event is expected to bring about various business opportunities for visitors. China has the world’s largest paper and printing production and consumer market. Beginning 2023, there will be zero tariffs on multiple kinds of paper imports, making it the best time and opportunity for international paper manufacturers to join the Chinese market.

The event will also be held concurrently with the 2023 Papermaking and paper equipment purchasing meeting where exhibitors will be able to get orders directly. Also will be held during the event is the 2023 6th Paper Industry Seminar of China Ten Provinces and the 2023 China Special Paper Innovation Development Forum. Exhibitors can take advantage of this seminar and forum to meet with key Chinese paper enterprises. Also will be held concurrently with the event is the 2023 Guangzhou Industry – Paper instead of plastic anf pulp molding exhibition and forum.

Paper Expo China 2023 will bring forward various exhibit ranges, namely, printing and packaging paper, cultural paper, industrial paper and special paper, pulp and paper equipment, technology and chemicals, paper packaging and other paper industry chain upstream and downstream. Visitors of the events are expected to be from paper enterprises, paper and paper equipment distributors, printing and packaging plants, paper end users and paper packaging enterprises, among others.

Industry enterprises are invited to participate in the event.

Visit the official website of the exhibition at to learn more about the exhibition.