Successfully Held! WEPACK 2023 Series Exhibitions Help the Packaging Industry to Grow New Opportunities

Organised by RX (Reed Exhibitions), WEPACK series exhibitions, including SinoCorrugated 2023, SinoFoldingCarton 2023, DPrint 2023, SinoPaper 2023, Food Pack & Tech 2023 and PACKCON 2023, has been successfully held at the National Convention & Exhibition Centre (Shanghai) from 12-14 July 2023. The area of the show exceeded 100,000 square metres for the first time, and 1,200+ brand exhibitors gathered, bringing more than 1,800 brand-new equipment and nearly 1,000 kinds of consumables. During the three days of WEPACK, a total of 52,936 domestic and overseas professional visitors visited the exhibition and had business negotiation, among which there were 4,432 overseas visitors from more than 110 countries and regions.

WEPACK 2023 has been well received, giving full play to the information and resource advantages of the organiser, RX, with its rich exhibition experience, perfect organisation, precise services, effective publicity, and integration of resources from various parties, which has resulted in stronger communication and exchanges, rich harvests for all parties involved in the show, a burst of audience professionalism and purchasing power.

As a global industry event covering the entire packaging industry chain, WEPACK 2023 showcases a wide range of processes and equipment technologies for the entire packaging industry, from raw paper and raw materials to corrugated manufacturing equipment, folding carton manufacturing equipment, digital printing equipment, as well as packaging processes and finished packaging products. In particular, SinoCorrugated, a subsidiary of WEPACK, has developed into a renowned super event for the global carton industry with a 22-year history.

Gathering high-quality exhibitors, one-stop service platform to help enterprises expand diversified business

More and more manufacturers are moving towards the road of diversification, from cartons to colour boxes, soft packs, pulp moulding and plastic, to food and beverage take-away packaging, constantly broadening their own business areas, as well as adjusting their industries and order patterns to meet the current market demand.

WEPACK 2023 showcases various processes and equipment technologies across the packaging industry, including raw paper and raw materials, corrugated manufacturing equipment, folding carton manufacturing equipment, digital printing equipment, as well as demonstrations of packaging processes and finished packaging products. It provides a one-stop selection and contact platform for enterprises to expand into new areas and order processing partners.

Keeping up with the industry trend and sharing the experience of digitisation and intelligence in the packaging industry

On site, corrugated box, folding carton, digital printing, packaging containers, paper, food and beverage packaging, six plates are almost all covered with digital and intelligent supporting the new technology and equipment, but also for the digital, intelligent factories to provide a perfect solution and on-site demonstration.

More than 30 forums to create a global packaging industry communication platform

As an important part of the exhibition, over 30 summit forums organised by the six thematic exhibitions on site and new product launches, signing ceremonies and other activities organised by many exhibitors fill the atmosphere on site, where industry leaders and professionals meet face-to-face to exchange views and collide sparks of wisdom.

World Corrugated Forum, World Corrugated Awards, Southeast Asia and India National Day, China Paper Packaging Digital Intelligent Manufacturing Summit Forum, Digital and Intelligent Green Packaging Development Forum and so on. The forums have closely discussed the hot topics of the moment and help enterprises to expand new ideas for development.

RX also organised visits to benchmarking factories and close-up field trips into digital factories alongside with WEPACK 2023. Coupled with a wealth of cutting-edge industry forums and activities, the exhibition will comprehensively help accelerate the process of digitisation and intelligence in the packaging industry.

WEPACK, has always been committed to promoting exchanges and cooperation between the global packaging industry. 2023 WEPACK makes full use of the industry chain effect, empowers the global packaging industry with the exhibition’s global, prospective and innovative advantages, and once again lifts a new trend of innovation and development in the global packaging industry. It has once again set off a new trend of innovation and development in the global packaging industry and provided a powerful fulcrum for prying the industry into a new round of growth.

WEPACK ASEAN is ready to go in November! The success of WEPACK Shanghai is just the first appearance of the year for WEPACK, which will be travelling to South East Asia, a region where the packaging industry is booming in four months’ time. From 22-24 November this year, RX will be hosting WEPACK ASEAN in Malaysia, which will have over 10,000 square metres of exhibition area and is expected to attract more than 200 renowned global exhibitors, 3,000+ professional buyers from Southeast Asia, and more than 20 on-site industry events. The exhibition transplanted WEPACK “through the entire packaging and printing industry chain” concept, focusing on raw materials to processing boards to packaging products and the end market, through the upstream and downstream of the industry, around the Southeast Asian packaging and printing industry market characteristics to carry out a very influential industry event.