Former Voith Paper CEO Dr. Hans-Peter Sollinger Turns 70

Dr. Hans-Peter Sollinger, CEO of Voith Paper from 2005 to 2014, turns 70. In his more than 30 years of service at Voith, Sollinger played a key role in shaping the company and made a significant contribution to its success.

Sollinger began his career at Voith in 1982 as a project planning engineer and subsequently held various management roles. As a member of the Management Board of the Voith Paper Division, he assumed responsibility for the Paper Machine segment in 1994. In the same year, he was appointed as a Member of the Board of Management of Voith Paper. In 2000, Sollinger joined Voith’s Corporate Board of Management. As CEO of Voith Paper, he managed the company’s entire paper machine business from 2005 to 2014.

On behalf of Voith Paper, I would like to congratulate Hans-Peter Sollinger on his 70th birthday. As our former CEO, Mr. Sollinger had a massive impact not just on our organization but also on the people who worked with him. We would like to thank him most sincerely for his more than three decades of loyal service and wish him all the very best!

Andreas Endters, current President & CEO Voith Paper

Under Sollinger’s leadership, Voith Paper evolved to become one of the world’s foremost technology suppliers. The strategic acquisition of the paper technology operations of the British Scapa Group in 1999 underpinned this development. Moreover, Sollinger was behind the successful development and expansion of the automation business. Early on, he also recognised the importance of the efficient use of resources in paper manufacturing and established this as a focus area of Voith Paper. The internationalisation of the paper business, in particular the expansion of business operations in China through the establishment of the Voith Paper City in Kunshan, also bears his signature. And ultimately, he initiated the realignment of Voith Paper in the face of fundamental structural changes in the global paper markets.