Reliable Predictions for Avoiding Unplanned Machine Downtime: OnCare.Health is Complemented with Energy Harvesting and Radio Technology Based Wireless Solution

  • OnCare.Health predictive monitoring solution complemented with innovative wireless radio sensors that provide stable measurement quality and robust connectivity
  • The wireless sensors enable a transmission range of up to 300m, are temperature resistant up to 120 degrees and self-charging without the need for sensor or battery replacement
  • Highly efficient system with simple plug & play installation and lowest operating cost

Innovative wireless sensors have now been added to the OnCare.Health solution for optimised maintenance efficiency. Based on signals from the new sensors, the predictive monitoring solution automatically detects even minor anomalies and provides early indications of potential defects.

OnCare.Health Wireless Solution can be used along the complete papermaking line for all paper grades – from stock preparation to approach flow and along the paper machine on all kind of rotating equipment. In addition, Voith offers access to remote expert service for system care and professional diagnostics support, helping to increase customers overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

Lena Hofmann, Global Product Manager for Condition Monitoring Systems at Voith Paper confirmed the benefits of the solution, “Since the new sensors are installed wirelessly, commissioning is much more efficient. For existing plants, we can pinpoint the areas where papermakers benefit from our Wireless Solution. With the help of our proven and intuitive OnCare.Health software, we enable papermakers to easy and reliably monitor the condition of their assets and early identify machine faults. Through provision of information about the related root causes, papermakers reach higher machine availability and maintenance activities can be planned more efficient. The sensor’s housing is robust and heat resistant up to 120°C. Only one gateway is needed to ensure stable transmission quality and extremely stable connections for hundreds of sensors. So far, fewer gateways are needed than with alternative solutions.”

Flexible, energy-saving and reliable condition monitoring
The wireless sensors use radio technology instead of Bluetooth or WLAN. This allows a transmission range of up to 300 metres within paper mills. Successful customer installations prove the reliability of the new OnCare.Health Wireless Solution. Customers are very satisfied with the solution. Positive comments included the robustness, innovative technology as well as the user-friendliness and handling of the OnCare.Health Wireless System. With just one glance, machine problems become apparent. Views and visualizations can be flexibly adjusted to suit different expert levels.

The common interface for online, mobile, and wireless measuring points was also positively highlighted. The new wireless sensors are self-charging thanks to an integrated thermal energy recovery unit, making them maintenance-free and requiring no additional energy recovery source. Unlike battery-powered sensors, they do not require regular sensor or battery replacements and have a better environmental footprint.