ProJet b.v. is Ready for Delivery of 4 ProCleaners (Power Cleaners) for Cartiera Pirinoli S.C.

The ProCleaner Type F (Forming Fabrics – Power Cleaner) uses a single traversing head that cover the fabrics faster than the existing conventional oscillating showers. The goal is to achieve substantial water savings because the ProJet b.v. Power Cleaner uses only 5.0 litre/min of water; a conventional shower consumes over 160 litre/min.

The ProCleaner (Power Cleaner) delivers the following operational and performance benefits:

  • Substantial water savings (= operational cost reduction + improved profitability): the Pro Cleaner provides superior cleaning performance, while only consuming 1.3gpm (5.0 litre/min) of water. A conventional oscillating shower consumes over 50gpm (200 litre/min) of water, leading to substantial more electrical power and wastewater treatment costs.
  • Water mist elimination is achieved by the application of air knives that contain water mist and contamination, which is discharged through Venturi tubes and finally into a save all pan.
  • Targeted cleaning enables an operator to control the Cleaner – Power Cleaner for not only overall CD fabric/felt cleaning but to also apply targeted zone/strip or edge cleaning.
(Photo: ProJet b.v.)