Pynnönen Appointed Senior Vice President, Operational Development at Valmet

Janne Pynnönen has been appointed Senior Vice President, Operational Development at Valmet as of February 1, 2024. He will be the member of Valmet’s Executive Team and report to President and CEO Pasi Laine.
Pynnönen began his career at Valmet in 2020, and he is currently holding the position of Vice President, R&D. Before joining Valmet, he worked in versatile business management and development roles and in R&D in Stora Enso since 2003.

After a thorough recruitment process with many excellent candidates, we have chosen Janne Pynnönen to lead our Operational Development function further. Janne is known for his deep technological know-how and good customer knowledge, which he has gained after working for a long time in one of Valmet’s key customer industries. Since 2020, Janne has been successfully leading our R&D function introducing and implementing a new R&D strategy and vision for Valmet, developing the way to operate, and creating a large R&D ecosystem program called Beyond Circularity supporting the green transition. With this background, Janne will further strengthen the technological and customer understanding of the Executive Team, and his collaborative approach will be an asset in taking the different Operational Development related functions forward.

Pasi Laine, President and CEO of Valmet

Janne Pynnönen succeeds Julia Macharey, who is leaving Valmet at the end of January, as announced in August 2023.