Hengan Group of China Successfully Starts Up 14th and 15th Tissue Machines from ANDRITZ

Guangdong Hengan Paper Co., Ltd. has successfully started up the two new ANDRITZ PrimeLine tissue machines at its mill in Yunfu, Guangdong, China. Hengan has now 15 ANDRITZ tissue machines in operation.

The two machines of the type PrimeLineCOMPACT M 1600 have a design speed of 1,700m/min and a working width of 3.65m. They produce top-quality tissue for facial, toilet, handkerchief and napkin grades from virgin market pulp.

ANDRITZ’s scope of supply features under-machine pulpers, proven PrimeFlow step diffusor headboxes to ensure superior formation quality, and 18ft. PrimeDry Steel Yankees with high-load suction pressure rolls with Polysoft PU-covers and canopy hoods for high drying capacity at lowest energy consumption.

Hengan and ANDRITZ have been working together for more than 25 years. We have already had 13 ANDRITZ tissue machines in operation and are convinced that the two new ones will perform just as successfully, producing high-quality tissue while enabling environmentally friendly production.

Wang Xiangyang, Vice President, Hengan Group

Xie Zhengba, Chief Engineer, Guangdong Hengan Paper Co., Ltd. added, “From the very beginning of this project to the start-up, we have been deeply impressed by ANDRITZ’s professional team. Each time when needed, they responded very fast and in a perfect manner. We really appreciate our partnership.”

About Hengan Group
The Hengan Group, founded in 1985, is a leading Chinese manufacturer of household paper grades as well as feminine hygiene and baby care products.