Valmet’s Social Responsibility Programme Continues with Several Area-specific Projects Around the World

Valmet expanded its global social responsibility programme with several area-specific local projects promoting science, nature and equal opportunities in 2022. After a year of successful implementation, the programme now continues through six local projects.

Social responsibility programme is part of Valmet’s sustainability agenda implementation. Some of the projects are selected by employee voting, increasing involvement and internal engagement. 

In 2024, the programme continues with the following projects: 

  • In Asia Pacific, Valmet will initiate cooperation with Bumiterra, an organisation in Indonesia dedicated to restore the rainforest, protect biodiversity and empower local communities in Borneo. In 2023, Valmet collaborated with The Mirror Foundation in Thailand, successfully improving the living, and learning conditions at three rural schools with more than 900 children.
  • In the EMEA area, Valmet continues to support an orphanage in Jelenia Góra, Poland to enhance the orphanage children’s wellbeing and possibilities for education. This year’s donation will be used to renovate the orphanage’s sports field. In 2023, Valmet donated a vehicle to the orphanage to enable safe transportation to school, leisure time activities or specialist doctors.
  • In South America, Valmet continues to support the Gerando Falcões network and its special programme called Circuito Inclusão (Inclusion Circuit) in Brazil. It promotes inclusion of people with disabilities and their families through leisure activities and accessibility opportunities. In Chile, Valmet will initiate cooperation with a partner organisation that supports the well-being and social inclusion of children with limited possibilities through education, sports and cultural activities.
  • In China, Valmet continues to support industrial talent development and promote innovation and sustainable development in the pulp, paper and energy industry and grants scholarships to undergraduate students in three industry universities and to postgraduate students in five industry universities.
  • In North America, Valmet continues to support Make-A-Wish that grants life-changing wishes for children diagnosed with critical illnesses.
Social responsibility programme (Photos: Valmet)

“As a global company operating in over 40 countries, we have an impact on numerous communities around the world. Our global social responsibility programme has been a remarkable journey so far, and all the projects have been successful in reaching their targets. We are eagerly looking forward to continuing the work with the familiar partners as well as expanding the cooperation to the new projects,” said Reetta Loponen, Vice President, Sustainability, Valmet.