A.Celli Chosen as Partner by Sichuan Fengsheng Paper Technology

A.Celli Paper will supply the Film Size Press and Suction Press Rolls for the new paper machine No 1 located in Leshan City, Sichuan province.

The Chinese paper producer Sichuan Fengsheng Paper Technology decided to rely on A.Celli Paper/PMT solutions for a new project, signing a deal that strengthen the position of the Italian company as key supplier in the Chinese paper industry.

The new PM1 will be equipped with an ÆGO™ SIZER, a film size press recognised for its performance and reliability, which features a distinctive heads cinematic design developed by PMT to ensure optimal starch application across various operational conditions.

The supply will also include two Suction Press Rolls equipped with forged shells made of high-quality materials with the aim of improving their durability in the demanding paper production operating environment.

The PM1 will specialise in producing 30-90gsm kraft packaging paper with a width at pope reel of 5,660mm at a design speed of 1,100mpm.

This venture marks a collaborative effort between A.Celli Paper and Sichuan Fengsheng Paper, aligning with their shared commitment to innovation and quality in the Chinese paper manufacturing industry.

About Sichuan Fengsheng Paper Technology
Sichuan Fengsheng Paper Technology Co., Ltd. is a company established in 1958 and located in QianWei, Lingang Industrial Park (Leshan City). As of today, it is among the top 5 bamboo pulp production company in China and the first bamboo paper company in Sichuan for production capacity, with 180,000 tonnes per year of bleached/natural bamboo pulp household paper and 30,000 tonnes per year of finished product.