Amazon Papyrus Unveils Refreshed Brand Identity and Logo – Reinforcing Commitment to Innovation and Growth

APC Group, formerly known as Amazon Papyrus Chemicals, is excited to announce the launch of its refreshed brand identity and updated logo. This strategic rebranding initiative reflects APC Group’s commitment to continuous innovation, growth, and its vision for the future.

The refreshed brand identity represents a significant milestone for APC Group, symbolising its evolution as a dynamic and forward-thinking organisation in the process chemical industry. The updated logo highlights the commitment to maintain high global standards. It retains elements of its heritage, ensuring continuity and recognition, while embracing a modern aesthetic that aligns with its future-focused brand values.

Embracing Our Growth
Established in 2000, APC Group has transcended its origins as a specialty chemical and process solution provider, emerging as a catalyst for process efficiency across diverse industries. With a footprint spanning 15 regions, including China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Laos, Malaysia, the Middle East, Pakistan, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam and Bangladesh, The new logo is a declaration of APC Group’s substantial growth and continuous evolution.

The introduction of our new logo marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter in our illustrious history. It embodies the essence of APC Group’s rich heritage while steering us towards our ambitious future goals.

Mike Grundy, CEO of APC Group

COO Bernhard Hackl of APC Group added, “By embracing the three pillars of APC Group’s future growth – strengthening the core, constructing new ventures, and transforming our image – we are reshaping APC into a brand that epitomizes innovation and process efficiency in industrial manufacturing.

Transition to the Future
APC Group’s refreshed brand identity now includes a comprehensive communication strategy across touchpoints like the website, marketing materials, product packaging, technical documents and digital platforms. This unified approach guarantees a consistent and impactful brand experience for customers, partners and stakeholders.

About APC Group
APC Group, with its roots as Amazon Papyrus Chemicals, has been a leading specialty chemical and process solution provider in the paper & pulp sector since 2000 in Asia. Today, it is committed to expanding its role as a leader in process efficiency across various industries. With unwavering dedication to innovation and quality, APC Group is set to continue shaping the future of industrial manufacturing processes.

With its extensive expertise, it has become the go-to partner for industries seeking transformative solutions in Pulp & Paper, Water Management, Viscose Fibre Technology, Barrier Coating and Molded Pulp.  

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