APC Group Transforms Organisation Structure

APC Group announced a transformative shift in the organisation’s structure, as it moves from a country-based approach to a market segment focus. This strategic decision reflects its commitment to adapt and thrive in current rapidly changing business landscape, enabling to better serve its customers and drive sustainable growth.

Over the years, the organisation has achieved remarkable success by operating on a country-centric model. However, as markets evolve and customer expectations continue to evolve, recognise the need to enhance agility, responsiveness, and customer & market-centricity. The transition to a market segment focus will allow to align its resources and expertise more effectively, ensuring that it remains at the forefront of the industry.

Key Highlights of the Transformation

Market Segment Alignment: Reorganise the structure into 5 market segments: Paper, Pulp, Fibre Technology, Water Management and Surface Technology. This caters to the unique needs, preferences, and demands of each segment. This approach will enable APC Group to develop specialised strategies, products, and experiences tailored to the specific requirements of different customer groups.

Cross-Functional Collaboration: New structure will foster increased collaboration and knowledge sharing across functions and regions. By breaking down silos and encouraging cross-functional teams, APC will leverage its collective expertise to deliver comprehensive solutions and drive innovation.

Customer-Centricity: The transformation aims to place the customer at the core of everything APC does. It will intensify its efforts to deeply understand the customers’ evolving needs and deliver exceptional experiences that exceed their expectations. Through market segment specialisation, APC will build stronger relationships, enhance customer loyalty, and generate sustainable business growth.

Empowered Business Team Segment Leaders: To ensure effective execution and accountability, APC appoints dedicated leaders for each market segment. These leaders will have the authority and responsibility to drive strategies, make timely decisions, and deliver results. Their expertise and market insights will be instrumental in guiding the organisation’s growth trajectory.

The corresponding leaders:

Paper – Felix Wan, Director Business Team

Pulp – Dr Dinesh Mohta, Director Business Team

Fibre Technology – Shyam Biyani, Director Business Team

Water Management – Ezwar Roezzaman, Senior Manager Business Team

Surface Technology – Saurabh Varma, Manager Business Team

Pulp and Paper Business Team Leaders will report to Group Sales Director – Ng Kok Heng

Fibre Technology, Water Management and Surface Technology Business Team Leaders will report to Group Corporate Strategy and Development Director – Carmen Wong