Sael Begins Rebuilding of Coating Machine and New Soft Calender at Cordenons Paper Mill

After the excellent results achieved over the years in several rebuilds of continuous machines – rewinders – coaters – cutters and dough preparation, the management of Cordenons Group has also awarded Sael the electrical reconstruction of the control system of its Coater 2 at Cordenons papermill.

Cordenons paper mill in Italy (Photos: Sael)

The revamping required for the implementation of a new soft calender as well as two new drying ovens, also involved all the safety upgrades to the plant, complying the machine the new existing safety regulations. The new implementation, strongly desired and directed by Dr. Monacelli who recently passed away, was integrated into the former Sael control system since the 2001 and started in December 2022.

An important addition to the previous system has been “DCS in Drive” integration. This supervision system offers now a powerful diagnostic tool accessible to the operators; through video messages and trends of all system parameters. They will support the plant maintainers using the “open source” project documentation and software.

The very smooth and quick start-up, with the addition of a new panel control containing the 8 additional motor-inverters, has been realized with the careful and helpful participation of the paper mill’s technical staff, which today is increasingly capable of handling any electrical issues that may arise.

The milestones of the job:

  • Supply of an electrical panel containing a new DC BUS and the 8 Sael inverters for managing the new added motors and ready for future implementations
  • Management of the machine through standard PLC S7 1500 FAIL SAFE and integration of all technological functions of the soft calender with the existing system
  • Implementation of new remote I/O Fail Safe modules for safety updates.
  • Addition of all supervision and diagnostic parts previously missing from the system
  • Integration of the machine control with our Remote Assistance system

Last but not least, the system will be interfaced with the company’s management system for production planning and control; the ultimate goal will be the production cycle downtimes and reduce waste optimization, thereby increasing productivity.