ANDRITZ Launches New Intelligent Instrument Portfolio at Pulp & Beyond in Helsinki

International technology group ANDRITZ is responding to the pulp and paper producers’ need to meet their process efficiency and environmental sustainability targets by launching a portfolio of intelligent instruments called the Smart Series at the Pulp & Beyond exhibition in Helsinki on 11 April.

The portfolio includes a comprehensive range of measurements, analysers, machine vision systems, condition monitoring solutions as well as robotics and mechatronics. They provide customers with an intelligent instrumentation foundation, paving the way for advanced process optimisation.

The Smart Series: Valuable Data – Predictive Maintenance – Enhanced Safety with Robotics

Emission and gas analysers, process measurement and vision systems complement pulp and paper plants by providing a deeper understanding of the process and machine condition than possible before. With condition monitoring solutions for a wide range of process equipment and process areas, the Smart Series helps manufacturers move toward predictive maintenance, reducing unplanned downtime and extending the lifetime of equipment and components. Integrated robotics and mechatronics applications reduce the need of human intervention in hazardous areas of pulp and paper mills, reschedule regular tasks and contribute to optimising maintenance.

The Smart Series complements and is integrated with Metris, ANDRITZ’s digitalisation platform that leverages the latest IIoT technologies to improve plant efficiency and profitability. The use cases at the Pulp & Beyond exhibition include the autonomous log yard and robots for the recovery boiler area.