New EU Packaging Rules are almost here. For the Pulp and Paper Industry, Legal Certainty is a Good Thing

The pulp and paper industry welcomes the recent vote at the EU Parliament on the Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR) that supports the trilogue agreement and avoids delaying the legislative process. The last step will be a final confirmation of the agreement by the EU Council.

After an intensive democratic process that has brought forth the idea that circularity and the phase out of fossil-based materials are desirable features of the EU’s economy, it is now time to start working towards the objectives the PPWR has set for the packaging industry. The objectives outlined in the agreement as adopted by the European Parliament are for the EU’s national recycling systems to ramp up their performance, while packaging rules should become more harmonised under the EU Single Market.

To ensure a timely compliance with the new regulation from its entry into force, the packaging industry and its many customers will need to work hand in hand with local authorities in charge of implementing the legislation, notably on the collection of materials for recycling, a key factor in increasing the EU’s recycling rate. Any delays threaten the industry’s capacity to comply with the regulation in a timely manner and meet its ambitions.

Members of the EU Parliament have shown support to the agreement reached in the trilogue and consolidated trust in the EU legislative process. The pulp and paper industry now urges EU Member States to endorse the agreement in the Council when they cast their vote on the file in autumn.