Runtech EP1000 Turbo Blower Starts up at Ankutsan A.S., Turkey

RunEco vacuum system with RunEco EP1000 Turbo Blower has started up at Ankutsan A.S., Turkey. EP1000 is a part of the vacuum system delivery to PM2, which also included EcoDrop water separators and EcoFlow dewatering measurements for vacuum system optimisation. It replaces five liquid ring pumps, bringing the mill energy and water savings. The RunEco system provides vacuum capacity for the board machine relocated to the Adana site.

“Ankutsan already has a lot of experience with our turbo blower technology and operation from previous installations, which has been very helpful in commissioning this first megaturbo unit. We appreciate the great cooperation between our teams,” said Marko Immonen, Project Manager, Runtech Systems.

RunEco EP1000 Turbo Blower is the biggest of RunEco models. It features an integrated 1,000kW high-speed motor controlled by a frequency controller with a speed up to 11,500rpm and active magnetic bearings. Active magnetic bearings levitate the rotational part of the electric motor using electromagnetic forces. By levitating the rotor there is no contact and therefore no wear between the rotating and stationary parts. This increases energy efficiency and reduces maintenance costs. Operation is totally oil free and very robust against impeller build-up.

About Ankutsan A.S.
Ankutsan, established in 2002, operates with five production facilities on a total area of 239,000m2 in Antalya, Mersin, Ankara, Adana, and Tekirdağ Çerkezköy. Ankutsan is one of the leading manufacturers in Turkey. It produces 300,000 tons of paper, 420,000 tons of corrugated cardboard sheets and boxes annually.Read more about RunEco Vacuum System