ANDRITZ to Upgrade Evaporation Plant for Moorim P&P

International technology group ANDRITZ has received an order from Moorim P&P, South Korea, to upgrade an evaporation plant at its Ulsan mill, which produces bleached kraft pulp and different types of high-quality paper.

The refurbishment will help to increase the mill’s efficiency and reduce consumption of resources.

We have set ambitious energy saving targets for our Ulsan mill. This upgrade will increase the capacity of our evaporation line no. 1 and the final dry solids content of the black liquor, which supports these targets. ANDRITZ’s efficient technologies will contribute to water and energy savings.

Kim Sangwoo, Project Director, Moorim P&P

The upgraded evaporation plant is designed to produce a stable, high-solids black liquor stream for efficient combustion in the recovery boiler. All condensates generated in the evaporation plant can be 100 per cent re-used in other mill areas reducing the need for raw water.

“This order marks the continuation of the successful long-term cooperation between Moorim P&P and ANDRITZ. Our approach to the evaporation plant upgrade represents the best solution in terms of capacity, process, efficiency, and cost,” said Sanna Semi, Vice President Global Evaporation Product Group, ANDRITZ.

ANDRITZ’s scope of supply includes the following new equipment:

  • HD concentrator that will ensure that the evaporation plant sends firing liquor with higher dry solids content to the recovery boiler
  • Upgrade of the evaporation plant by adding a new effect 6 and an MVR pre-evaporator that will increase the evaporation capacity
  • Foul condensate treatment system that will allow the condensates to be reused inside the mill instead of sending them to an effluent treatment plant. This has the double positive effect of reducing the consumption of freshwater and the need for treating wastewater.

Start-up of the upgraded plant is scheduled for April 2025.