Södra Cell Orders ABB’s Advanced Process Control System for Pulp Production

  • ABB has won an order from Södra Cell to implement optimisation control that will help Sweden’s largest forest-owner association and leading pulp manufacturer reach new levels of efficiency
  • Project at the Värö mill bleach plant is the next step in the customer’s ambition to drive its digital transformation in the pulp and paper industry
  • ABB solution to help prioritise crucial operational processes in the bleach plant based on data-driven decisions

ABB has won an order from Södra Cell to implement optimisation control for the pulp and paper manufacturer’s mill in Värö, Sweden. The project builds on the strategic partnership between ABB and Södra Cell, with the ambition to develop new levels of efficiency, engagement and digitalisation for the producer’s operations. Södra Cell currently owns some of the world’s most modern and high-tech pulp mills, and the ambition is to operate the mills even more efficiently and sustainably.

Södra Cell has worked with ABB in pulp and paper mill operations in the past, achieving successful implementation of APC (Photos: ABB)

The delivery from ABB includes extended functionality for the ABB Ability™ System 800xA® distributed control system (DCS) through the implementation of advanced process control (APC) for the bleaching process at the Södra Cell mill in Värö. The solution has previously been successfully implemented at Södra Cell’s pulp mill in Mönsterås, Sweden, where digesters and bleach controls have been optimised resulting in improved process stability and reduced resource consumption.

The APC implementation includes close collaboration with the operations and process departments at the mill in Värö. The ABB team of experts perform operational and process analysis, development and verification of models, implementation in the control system as well as training and handover to the operating organization. The delivery is planned to be commissioned in the spring/summer of 2024.

“We are proud that Södra Cell has chosen to continue and deepen our collaboration where this project exemplifies our commitment to advancing the pulp and paper industry through innovative solutions,” said Martin Björnmalm, Local Business Line Manager Pulp and Paper. “The integration of our advanced process control system at the Värö mill is set to enhance operational efficiency and sustainability, marking a significant step in our ongoing collaboration.”

The integration of APC into the existing operator environment, ABB Ability™ System 800xA®, provides strengthened opportunities for operators to run fully automatically but also to be able to predict outcomes, which provides the opportunity to optimise and prioritise crucial operational processes in the bleach plant based on data-driven decisions. The APC solution is one of several examples where existing ABB systems are being expanded with new functionalities that improve both customers’ profitability, efficiency and working environment.

Expected results for the mill in Värö are similar improvements achieved in previous implementation for Södra Cell’s mill in Mönsterås. There, results could be shown in a more stable optimised bleaching process with reduced variation of brightness and reduced chemical consumption as well as improved digesting processes.

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