Drive and Automation System Successfully Implemented by SAEL at Sonoco Paper Mill 

At the SONOCO paper mill in Stainland, UK, SAEL successfully implemented the entire Approach – Drive and Automation system as part of a significant overhaul carried out between February and March 2022. Building on the success of the sectional control system overhaul two years earlier and the impressive results achieved with the DCS in Drive SCALINK, the leadership swiftly decided to extend this technology to the new Approach supply.

SAEL delivered the following:

  • Control System Pre-Engineering and Electrical Field Engineering
  • DCS Automation System for Approach and Forming Rebuild
  • Support in Identifying Suppliers for Machine On Board Wiring
  • Start-up of the DCS implemented with PLC S7 1500 File Safe and our SCALINK, overseeing Machine Chest Area, Approach Flow Area, Dilution Flow Area, Vacuum System, and Forming Section, comprising around 1000 I/O
  • Coordination and Interface Connections to Existing Plants, QCS, and Machine Basis Weight Valves Adjustment for the two Dilution Headoxes
Typical SAEL installation (Photos: SAEL)

This comprehensive supply encompassed the entire series of MCC with SAEL inverters and all process automation managed by PLC S7 1500 FS, alongside modifications to the control system. The project impeccably adhered to safety regulations, showcasing significant automation and meticulously crafted machine cycles by the Plant management.

The installed and controlled power of the 4 MW plant, including control systems, chests, pumps, screens, fan pumps, and vacuum pumps, is now prepared for seamless integration of new and additional expansions. Anticipating a substantial future investment programme, the paper mill has been pre-equipped for upgrades as soon as decisions are made.

Following ten days of planned tests, setup, and tuning, everything designed and defined by SAEL began operating seamlessly.