Solenis and Phabuilder Cooperate to Develop PHA-based Materials for Sustainable Paper-based Packaging Market

Solenis, one of the leading global producers of specialty chemicals for water-intensive industries, has signed an agreement with Beijing PhaBuilder Biotechnology Co., Ltd., (hereinafter referred to as PhaBuilder), an innovative synthetic biology enterprise, to collaborate on further developing key PHA-based (Polyhydroxyalkanoate) technology for the paper packaging market.

“This strategic cooperation will help enhance the application of PHA-based materials,” said Sherry Xu, President, PhaBuilder. “The newly developed technology will ultimately reduce the impact on the environment, bringing a greener and more sustainable future.”

“I’m delighted to witness the strategic agreement signage between Solenis and PhaBuilder,” said Ed Connors, Chief Business Officer, Americas, and Global Business President, Consumer Solutions, at Solenis. “Solenis has been committed to improving our sustainability — and the sustainability of our customers. This agreement is a new milestone in our dedication to the sustainable strategic vision.”