Benefit from Increased ROI and Process Improvements with AMETEK Surface Vision Solutions

Automated online surface inspection solutions are becoming increasingly vital to improving efficiency and product quality, streamlining operations, and reducing costs and waste in industrial processes including paper.

Using these types of automated systems adds significant value in many ways. AMETEK Surface Vision provides the industry-leading SmartView® and SmartAdvisor® product lines, used by many customers worldwide.

SmartView detects, identifies and visualizes surface defects in a range of processes.  It combines state-of-the-art software and hardware into an advanced surface inspection platform, providing high-speed defect detection, monitoring, and reporting.

To complement SmartView, SmartAdvisor provides high-speed, multi-dimensional video monitoring and process analysis. Easy to use, the system uses synchronized cameras strategically placed in the process, helping to identify the root cause of defects.

Together these systems help industrial process manufacturers increase their efficiency, productivity and quality:

  • By identifying defects fast – and early in the process – cost savings are achieved through less waste, and machine efficiency and yield rates are maximized
  • Productivity and reliability are increased through process improvements
  • Operators are removed from the direct process, improving health and safety
  • Quality claims can be reduced through 100% surface inspection

Marco Saitta, Sales Account Manager at AMETEK Surface Vision said, “Our surface inspection solutions can be installed quickly so that the benefits are realized almost immediately. This leads to significant quality and reliability improvements, cost-savings, reduced waste and improved customer confidence, which is priceless.”

AMETEK Surface Vision delivers robust, flexible solutions to continuous production processes across several industries including paper, metals, plastics and nonwovens, with hundreds of customers and more than 2,500 installations worldwide.  For more information on how AMETEK Surface Vision can increase ROI in your process, go to: