Valmet and Flootech Enter Partnership to Advance Water Treatment for Board, Paper and Tissue Industry

Lack of fresh water supply is becoming a challenge for many pulp and paper producers across the globe, which emphasises the need of water saving and water treatment equipment. Today, reusing and/or recycling process effluent is a must for most companies. Valmet and Flootech have signed a partnership agreement to further enhance collaboration in providing advanced water treatment solutions.

Through the partnership, Flootech will provide profound technical and commercial expertise to Valmet’s customers. The offering will include water treatment and recycling solutions, process water treatment, effluent treatment and reuse as well as sludge dewatering.

“There is a growing requirement for more advanced solutions to enhance clean water quality, process water recycling and fibre recovery, to treat and extract energy from wastewater, as well as to champion the reuse of water. Costs associated with the environmental impact and regulation, sourcing fresh water, and the growing price of energy have all increased the importance of optimising pulp and paper mills’ water cycle and water footprint. We are pleased to strengthen our long and successful cooperation with Valmet by forming a partnership agreement that enables us to provide complete water treatment solutions to close water loops together,” said Mikko Siivonen, CEO, Flootech.

About Flootech
Flootech is a subsidiary to Nijhuis Saur Industries and offers a wide range of water treatment technologies, process solutions and services for industrial and municipal sectors with over 50 years’ experience. With more than 1,000 installations worldwide and a high level of competence in the industry, Flootech adds value to clients’ processes by producing high quality water, minimising and decreasing water consumption, energy usage and ensuring that environmental regulatory requirements are fulfilled.