Voith Introduces New Pluralis Hot Stock (HS) Refiner Fillings

Voith is supplementing its proven Pluralis family with new Pluralis Hot Stock (HS) refiner fillings. Representing a significant advancement in refining technology, they are specifically designed to meet the demanding requirements of pulp mills and to minimise resource consumption. In addition, Pluralis HS refiner fillings can significantly improve paper quality, energy efficiency and overall pulp mill performance.

“The new Pluralis Hot Stock refiner fillings combine the high efficiency of the leading Pluralis technology with ideal shive reduction,” said Elias Fleschhut, Global Product Manager at Voith Paper. “Offering impressive shive reduction of 75 to 90 per cent, HS fillings significantly increase fibre yield and reduce energy consumption.”

Designed for long service life and highest production throughput

The use of STT alloy provides increased abrasion resistance and longer service life, even under the harsh conditions of a pulp mill with operating temperatures above 90°C and high throughput requirements. The arrangement of the bars in a non-parallel orientation ensures that the edges intersect at an optimal angle and treat the largest possible percentage of fibres. The design was developed specifically for high kappa pulps and offers the highest production throughput and high shive reduction with extended service life.

Pluralis HS refiner fillings can be used in Voith refiners as well as refiners from other common manufacturers with diameters from 20 to 54 inches.

To learn more about fibre preparation and Voith’s proven Pluralis product line, visit: https://voith.com/corp-en/papermaking/fiber-treatmentwith-pluralis-and-thewall.html.