Voith Employee Inducted into Paper Industry International Hall of Fame

Christian Schiel, a former Voith employee, was posthumously inducted into the Paper Industry International Hall of Fame (PIIHOF) in recognition of his many innovative developments that contributed greatly to modern paper machine designs. The award was accepted by Michael MacGregor, a former colleague of Schiel and a co-sponsor of the award nomination, during a presentation at the Wisconsin Paper Council’s annual meeting in Green Bay, Wisconsin, recently.

Since 1992, the PIIHOF has honoured and recognised more than 140 giants in the paper industry from around the world, including Johann Matthaeus Voith and Dr. Herbert Ortner, a former Voith employee.

Schiel built his career by completing a three-year apprenticeship as a millwright, and ultimately earned a degree in mechanical engineering from Oskar von Miller Polytechnikum in Munich, Germany in 1954. He then began working for Voith in Heidenheim, Germany, as a Design and Planning Engineer. During his career, he also spent five years in North America working at the Powell River Company in British Columbia, Canada and the Mead Corporation in Chillicothe, Ohio. Upon returning to Voith in 1962, Schiel embarked on a productive career centered on pioneering advancements. Throughout most of his career, Schiel was employed as the Chief Development Engineer for papermaking technology at Voith in Heidenheim, Germany.

Over the years, Schiel was named as inventor or co-inventor on 149 U.S. patents and a number of additional patents in other jurisdictions. His most impactful innovations include the fabric press; fabric covered press rolls; the technology to manufacture suitable press sleeves; flexible-nip presses; the technologies for the manufacture of flexible roll sleeves; numerous compact press configurations that took full advantage of new press designs; and a series of forming devices based on the roll-forming concepts for the manufacture of a broad range of paper grades.